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    Our Stanford and UCSF trained doctors and pediatricians will diagnose, treat and prescribe medication for you or your child's health issues same-day via phone or video. With PlushCare Doctors & Pediatricians, you consult with doctors trained in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine at the top medical institutions in the world and skip the long wait at the urgent care or doctor's office. Recommended for urgent care visits and general doctor consultations such as:- urinary tract infection- strep throat- pink eye- sinus infection- vaginitis- colds, the flu, allergies, sinus issues- ear infections, fevers- stomach aches- rashes, skin problems- pre-travel questions and prescriptions- STD testing and treatment- many other urgent care type visits or general doctor or pediatric consults. Patient satisfaction is our number one priority. If you're not satisfied, your urgent care visit is on us, no questions. We decided that there had to be a more convenient and affordable way to see excellent doctors than wait a week for a doctor appointment and then wait 30min plus in the doctor's waiting room, or wait hours in the urgent care, pay way too much for the urgent care visit and not know how well trained the urgent care doctor or pediatrician will be. That's when we created PlushCare. It's like having the best internal medicine doctors, pediatricians and family doctors in your family - you can call or have a video visit to diagnose and treat the majority of your health issues that same-day. And the doctors or pediatricians can diagnose, treat and prescribe medication for the urgent care visit or general doctor consultation from wherever you want. It's the future for urgent care and seeing a doctor.

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