Are you in pain? Act now!


Injuries and illnesses don’t always happen when your doctor’s office is open. To help you get care when you need it, we offer a Walk-In Clinic. The purpose of the Walk-In Clinic is to complement the care you receive from your primary care provider by offering same-day care when your regular provider is not available. The Walk-In Clinic provides high-quality care for medical conditions that are not life-threatening for people of all ages

walk in clinic

What is the WalkIn Clinic?

The purpose of the walk-in clinic is to offer convenient care without an appointment.  Visit the walk-in clinic when you have a general non-emergency illness or injury.


The next time you or a family member needs care, visit us. You never need an appointment and we’ll get you home, with the right diagnosis, in no time!

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If you are in need of immediate urgent care, dial 911 or visit your closest emergency room immediately.