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    Eye Associates of Green Bay is an independent ophthalmology and optometry practice that provides comprehensive medical eye care.
    Dr. Anatol Stankevych has been practicing at this location since 1980. Dr. Natalie Stankevych joined her father in 2001. She has continued the tradition of providing excellence in care for patients of all ages.
    Dr. Anatol Stankevych and Dr. Natalie Stankevych take great pride in offering the best vision care possible for your entire family. Whether you need to be fitted with eyeglasses or contact lenses, or you need a comprehensive eye exam, our practice utilizes the latest technology and treatments available. Our staff will take the time to answer all of your questions and explain treatment options throughout your entire eye care experience.
    If you're looking for quality eye care with a personal touch, then give us a call and schedule your comprehensive eye exam today!
    At Eye Associates of Green Bay, we provide an array of vision care services. Our office offers a wide selection of eye care products, including eyewear, sunwear, and contact lenses to fit your specific eye care needs. Our mission is to provide quality service and products at reasonable pricing.The best way to protect your vision is with a yearly comprehensive eye exam. When you arrive at our office, you will be greeted with friendly faces. Each eye exam will use the latest state-of-the-art technology to assess your eye health. The doctor will examine your eyes, answer questions, and discuss your eye care treatment options. In addition to determining your vision prescription, our doctors will check for any early indicators of possible eye conditions such as cataracts, retinal problems, and glaucoma.
    Our goal is to have each patient leave satisfied knowing that they have received the best eye care products and services possible. We have answered a few frequently asked questions regarding eye exams below.
    Why is my personal background important?
    ÿIn order to better tailor the eye examination to your needs, our doctor may review any current vision problems, your general health, as well as discuss your hobbies and lifestyle requirements.
    Why does the doctor ask me, ?Which is better: one or two??
    While evaluating your prescription, the doctor will ask you to compare a series of lenses to determine which allows you to see clearer. As the differences become less noticeable, the doctor will be closer to finalizing your prescription. If you?re having a hard time choosing between the options, it means you?re almost done with this part of the exam!

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