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    Doeberling-Muccio Physical Therapy, Inc is co-owned by James Doeberling, P.T., certified MDT and Joseph Muccio, P.T., certified MDT. Combined, they have more than 65 years of patient experience. Jim Doeberling received his B.S. in physical therapy in 1974 from the University of Pittsburgh and has a B.A. in business management. Joe Muccio graduated from Ohio State University in 1975 with certification in physical therapy and has a B.A. in psychology. Both have completed the post-graduate courses in osteopathic manual medicine from Michigan State Osteopathic College, The McKenzie Institute, and the Institute of Post-Graduate Physical Therapy. They each are certified in mechanical diagnosis and therapy of the spine. Both have been members of the American Physical Therapy Association, Ohio Physical Therapy Association, and the Private Practice Section for more than 30 years. Both have given numerous lectures on manual and mechanical therapy to various groups through the years. Doeberling-Muccio Physical Therapy was established in 2001. In 2004, the practice opened a specialty clinic utilizing techniques with FlexBands, focusing on rehabilitating injured athletes. Doeberling-Muccio is staffed with six full-time physical therapists and two physical therapy assistants. Its four area locations emphasize personalized treatment of each individual, with flexible scheduling, convenient access, and highly attentive, responsive staff.

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