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    Crossbridge Behavioral Health, an affiliate of Baptist Medical Center South, is committed to providing mental health services to individuals who are in crisis. Crossbridge has a skilled and dedicated team of psychiatrists, nurses, counselors, social workers and support staff to meet the needs of our patients, throughout central Alabama.

    Our Mission is to provide comprehensive treatment for individuals seeking stabilization and improved quality of life. Our modern, premier facility provides psychiatric services for Montgomery and surrounding counties. The forty-two bed facility provides a safe, comfortable environment that encourages positive change and growth.

    The most recent statistics indicate that one in five individuals will struggle with some form of significant mental or emotional issue and that one in 10 will require hospitalization. A number of environmental and genetic factors contribute to the onset of such conditions. Mental and emotional illness affects people indiscriminately regardless of gender, race or financial status. Like other health issues, untreated mental health problems worsen over time. Crossbridge provides encouragement, and state-of-the-art treatment in a therapeutic environment for people ages 19 and older.

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