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Hi everyone, my name is Stacy and I am a male massage therapist. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since March 2007. I am State and Nationally Certified as a massage therapist. I am I have always been into sports and health since I was young. I decided to get into massage therapy shortly after I broke my neck in 2002.

The Doctors said I would never walk again and I would be lucky to be able to use my arms again. This was a life altering change not only physically but also mentally in how I was going to live my life. After going through physical therapy for 6 months and wearing a neck brace for the same length of time. I was able to slowly regain the ability to walk without assistance of arm crutches. This is where I became interested in massage therapy because it helped me so much through not only relieving my physical pain but also the mental stress that I was feeling. I think this is why I developed such great skills in the line of massage because I can relate to my clients pain and frustration of what they are going through.

I try to do techniques that I feel will be the best for the issues that my client is dealing with at the time. My massages are based on individual needs and my not be exactly the same as the one before. I try to answer all my clients' questions to the best of my knowledge and will research for an answer if I don't know it. I constantly want to learn more so I can be the best in the field of massage for both you and me.

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