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The Riordan Clinic is a nonprofit organization that focuses on nutritional medicine, nutrient testing, research and health education. ÿ The clinic is a world leader in alternative, integrative and natural therapies for the treatment of chronic illness such as cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, diabetes, thyroid disorder, hormone imbalances, fibromyalgia, among many others. ÿ The Riordan Approach is to focus on the individual and not disease with the goal to optimize health with better nutrition and proven therapies. ÿ The clinic's research division is known for developing the Riordan protocol for administering Intravenous Vitamin C therapy for the treatment of cancer. The clinics 40+ year history of health research and discoveries have produced over 130 publications in peer-reviewed journals. ÿ The clinic also offers a full service certified laboratory specializing in nutritional testing and an on-site medical library ideal for medical professionals and individuals who want to learn more about the benefits of nutritional medicine.

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