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    Pinnacle Physical Therapy is a private, therapist-owned clinic that provides out-patient orthopedic physical therapy services to the Mid-Willamette Valley. We work with the referring doctor to coordinate a detailed treatment program designed especially for you based on your condition and our thorough evaluation. We focus on advanced spine care, sport rehab, motor vehicle and work injury.

    We use the latest techniques and technology to promote faster recovery. Manual therapy and scientific therapeutic exercise is the core of what we do. Manual therapy is the use of our hands to move the soft-tissues of the body such as skin, fascia, and muscle to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, and joint mobility while preventing scar tissue restrictions.

    We accomplish wellness for our patients through the proper dosing of exercise and neuromuscular rehab to restore normal movement patterns and ultimately get them back doing the things in life that they love to do.

    Not sure if physical therapy is right for your condition or injury? For a limited time we will be offering:

    * FREE 15-minute consultations with one of our physical therapists. Call today to set up your free consultation

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