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Orthopedic and Sports Care
We provide physical therapy and rehabilitation comprised of pain and swelling control, therapeutic exercise and manual therapy to get you active again. We base your treatment functionally on your particular sport or activity level.

Post-Surgical Care
We are highly trained to treat all types of orthopedic surgical conditions. We work closely with the surgeon's protocols and use the latest rehabilitation procedures.

Spinal Care
Did you know that spinal pain occurs in 80% of the human population and is highly recurrent? From neck pain and headaches to low back injuries and surgeries, we will treat you with skilled hands-on manual therapy, postural education, stabilization exercise, pain control modalities and self treatment for long term management. We have a Certified Mckenzie Therapist on staff offering spinal expertise.

Work Injury Care
Work injuries can be discouraging and debilitating. We take steps to return you to work safely. We emphasize functional rehabilitation and work specific simulation. As a patient, you will learn prevention strategies to limit re-injury. We have worked with a variety of industries with injuries resulting from repetitious nature to physical manual labor.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy helps to mobilize tissues for relaxation and pain relief. We have a massage therapist available by appointment.

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