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NEW WAY HEARING AIDS mission is to provide the absolute highest standard of care to meet each patient's unique individual needs With our experience of helping thousands of people with their hearing, and by knowing our own high ideals, we set out to establish a brand new approach to hearing healthcare. Getting hearing aids, especially for the first time wearer, can be daunting. Experienced hearing aid wearers have had to deal with a wide array of varying sales tactics by a myriad of hearing care providers. Many providers today are very good at what we do, but there are still a lot for whom the "bottom line" is more important than their patients. Let's face it, hearing aids aren't cheap. The main reason is that hearing aids are class-one medical devices that are fit by prescription and are FDA approved. This is why dispensers are required to have a medical license, and are able to bill insurance providers if a patient's insurance plan covers hearing aids and hearing related care. Our goal is to offer the best possible solution to meet our patients hearing needs within a budget they can afford. It's really as simple as that. 100% patients satisfaction is our top priority! We take time to thoroughly educate our patients as to the type of hearing loss they have, what hearing aid(s) would be the best fit for their loss and lifestyle, and that's within a budget they can afford. Many of the so-called Big Boxes like Sam's Club and Costco are providing low-cost hearing aids in their stores. What sets New Way Hearing Aids apart is that we can still compete with the big boxes on price, but out compete with them on the overall hearing healthcare experience and service. We just simply ask you to give us the opportunity to show you what we do. All the advertising in the world can tell you, and try and sell you, all kinds of things. But, like the old saying goes, "The proof is in the pudding!" So, please call us today to schedule a FREE no obligation consultation, and let us show you the New Way. Please Call (904) 644-8779 to talk to us!

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