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    Welcome to Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic.

    Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic is a podiatrist's office serving Grand Island, NE. Foot pain makes every step you take a burden. It can make just getting through the day painful and, in some cases, unbearable.

    Stop the foot pain and start walking proud again with the podiatry services from the Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic. We offer a comprehensive array of foot and ankle care services for patients of all ages. We are committed to providing conservative care whenever possible, so that surgery is always a last resort.

    We specialize in:

    * Foot Surgery
    * Orthotics
    * Braces
    * Neuromas
    * Ball of Foot
    * Heel and Arch
    * Bunions

    We also have expertise in bunions, diabetic shoes, ankle braces, hammer toes, foot spurs, foot calluses, warts, forefoot pain, nail care, diabetic foot care, flatfeet, heel and arch pain, ingrown nails, and injuries. We even offer innovative shock wave therapy for foot pain. Our friendly, experienced team of physicians and surgeons looks forward to serving you. New patients are welcome.

    Call Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic today for an appointment!

    Committed to Conservative Care to Avoid Surgery If Possible

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