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    At Johnston Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine we provide comprehensive Orthopedic rehabilitation services from minor sprains and strains to degenerative musculoskeletal disease. We also provide quality therapy services for traumatic injuries, such as fractures, as well as the best care following a wide variety of orthopedic surgeries. We customize each individuals program to be the best fit for their needs. Most importantly- we build on your success! This gets you back into action quickly & safely.

    Some Common Orthopedic Conditions Treated Include:

    ?Muscle strains

    ?Joint injuries, arthritis

    ?Low back pain

    ?Neck pain, whiplash

    ?Rotator cuff / shoulder injuries

    ?Knee pain




    ?Tennis/Golfers elbow

    ?Carpal tunnel

    ?Knee sprains

    ?Ankle sprains

    ?Plantar fascitis

    ?Joint replacement, knee/hip/shoulder


    ?Post surgical rehabilitation

    As a full service physical therapy provider we also take care of injured workers! We can also provide much more than in-clinic care to speed your or your employee's recovery. We believe that our service, level of care and communication with all parties involved make us the best choice in managing challenging cases. Assisting all parties involved with high level care and communication helps to ensure optimal outcomes. Our goal is to get you or your employee as functional as possible for a rapid and safe return to work.

    Services Provided Include:

    ?Acute care / In-clinic care

    ?Work conditioning / job simulation

    ?Job site analysis

    ?Customized employee education classes


    ?Safe lifting

    ?Office ergonomics

    ?Pre-employment assessment

    ?Functional capacity evaluation

    Johnston Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is committed to providing the highest level of service in the provision of comprehensive physical therapy services. Timely scheduling and extended hours of operation allow for minimal disruption to your daily, work and recreational lives. When a referral is made for

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