Drs. Phillip & Lynne Roy & Associates

    About us

    Drs. Roy & Associates is a private, independent practice located inside the LensCrafters in Brookfield.

    Our comprehensive eye exams include checks for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eye, allergies, and other eye health related problems.

    Specialized exams for children, learning-related vision problems and behavioral optometry.

    Contact lens fitting for patients of all ages with most first time wearers wearing lenses home on the first visit! Our goal is to fit the most comfortable and healthiest lenses for YOUR particular eyes at the best possible value.

    We are proud to offer OPTOMAP? Retinal Scans for a thorough, routine evaluation of the retina WITHOUT using eye drops.

    We offer the latest in technology including computerized vision analysis, visual fields, corneal topography, etc.

    We are proud to use PRIO? testing for determining unique visual needs while on a computer.

    Most insurance welcome.

    EMERGENCY same-day appointments.

    AARP & AAA member discount: 30% off complete pair of glasses (at LensCrafters in Brookfield). Ask store associate for details.

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