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    A Division of Susquehanna Valley Women's Health Care/ Drs. May-Grand Associates specializes in family-centered care and high-risk pregnancies. Our team of physicians, midwives, nurses-practitioners, and clinical nurse specialists will coordinate your care throughout your pregnancy and childbirth. Drs. May-Grand Associates offers a range of women's ultrasound services. Our sonographers provide Obstetric ultrasounds in all three trimesters - from early confirmation ultrasounds to fetal anatomy surveys and post dates testing. We provide first trimester Down syndrome Screening ultrasounds in our office and our sonographers are licensed by Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF). 3D imaging is available and utilized when possible. (We also offer DVD recordings and early gender scanning at an additional cost.) In addition to Obstetrics, we perform Gynecological ultrasound studies for a variety of reasons including fibroids, ovarian cysts, bleeding issues, and pelvic pain. We perform in-office sonohysterograms and Her Option ultrasound guidance. Drs. May-Grand Associates provide a full spectrum of gynecological services. Some of the areas we are able to address are Pre-Teen Education, Annual Exams, In-Office Procedures, Menopausal Concerns, and Pelvic Pain. In addition, we able to provide Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) treatment and Menorrhagia treatment along with many other types of health concerns and their respective treatments.

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