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Learn How to Read People and Body Language and Hypnosis As a Healing Technique.

Dr. Ron Bailes holds a Doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy in addition to several other degrees, including a bachelors and Masters in business. For more than 35 years Dr. Bailes has examined human behavior as a therapist, professor, business consultant, life coach, and much more. His studies in human behavior center in metaphysics, and range from relationship skills to the individual search for self and spirituality.

He has successfully worked with individuals ranging from teenagers to the elderly. He has helped them with decisions that not only affect their life, but in some cases, helped them to accept those aspects of which they have no control.

For those who suffer from "negative habits" such as:

-Negative Weight Habits
-Addictions, etc.

He has successfully assisted them to redirect, reframe, and change their life. Others, whether on a quest for success, happiness, spiritual growth, or clinical, pre- and post- surgery hypnosis, find his methods provide the balance, progress, fulfillment and ease of pain both emotionally and physically.

Call Dr. Ron and experience the help you've always wanted.

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