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    Dr Paul E. Robbins is the first Doctor of BioEnergetic Medicine,ÿfirst with a doctorate in Auricular Medicine and the only ACI certified therapistÿ( ÿregistered ÿin the state of Montana. Dr. Paul E. Robbins AD BD and Kristy H. Robbins CAT CBP have brought to Billings, Montana a alternative health clinic where they use the latest technology to help the body healÿitself. Byÿimplementingÿthisÿtechnology it helps to support theÿbodyÿnaturallyÿso it will have a fasterÿroad to recovery. They help in Pain Elimination, Allergy Elimination, Hormonal Balancingÿand over 200 other problems that plague our bodies. Body Scanning,ÿAuricular Therapy,ÿNutrition and Herbs we help the body heal itselfÿnaturally. BigÿSkyÿNaturalÿWellness Clinic Inc is aÿneedleÿfree clinic and will not use drugs.

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