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Bay Area's hospitals will typically manage the care of three kinds of patients:

Patients who do not have a primary care doctor who they regularly see;
Patients who have a primary care doctor who is not from our area or is not on staff here at Bay Area;
Patients of local doctors who decide to refer their patients to a hospital to oversee that patient's care while in the hospital.

Many primary providers have decided to refer patients to hospitals for treatment during the full duration of their hospitalization. The primary provider has voluntarily made the decision to refer you to a hospital.
Obstetrics and gynecology
Bay Area Medical Center offers five fully equipped labor and delivery suites, complete with rocking chairs, oak cabinets and various homey accessories. Single-room maternity care is just part of the family-centered mother and baby care that BAMC offers. With a 13-bed OB-GYN unit, specially trained staff, and the latest high-tech equipment and comfort medication, BAMC has all the elements needed for a safe delivery.ÿÿ Urology
Bay Area Urology Consultants offers comprehensive patient care for a wide variety of urinary tract diseases such as kidney and bladder stones, trauma and incontinence problems. Bay Area Urology Consultants provides minimally invasive surgeries such as keyhole laparoscopy for a variety of urological conditions.
General surgery
Some of the services offered in the Center for Outpatient Surgery are:

Pre-surgical services
Blood transfusion
IV therapy
Outpatient surgery services
Overnight observation stays

Women's health
Bay Area Medical Center provides a wide range of services for the women of our communities that spans the lifetime of a woman's health care experience. The Women's Health Center is as special and unique as the women in our area. It was created to provide exceptional health care services that meet the unique needs and wants of women in a convenient one-stop location. The center offers professional, personalized attention in a comfortable, pleasant environment. Services include:

Breast health/mammography
Incontinence treatment
Osteoporosis treatment

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
Cardiopulmonary Rehab is a comprehensive program designed to help patients who have heart and lung issues recover faster, improve their physical function, and deal with the many emotional aspects of heart attack, heart surgery, or chronic lung conditions live the most full and productive life as possible. The therapy includes medical evaluation, prescribed exercise, medical risk factor reduction, education and counseling.

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