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Bay Area Medical Center is a nonprofit, 99 bed hospital located in Marinette, Wisconsin.ÿ BAMC maintains a historically strong connection with its community, and offers an array of community oriented programs and services to improve the health of local residents.ÿ Every 3 years, Bay Area Medical Center along with several other community organizations, conducts a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to evaluate the health needs of individuals living in the Marinette and Menominee communities.ÿ The assessment is conducted to comply with requirements set forth in the Affordable Care Act, as well as to further the hospital?s commitment to community health.ÿ The purpose of the CHNA is to gather information about local health needs and health behaviors in an effort to ensure hospital community health improvement initiatives and community benefit activities are aligned with community need.ÿ The assessment examines a variety of community, household and health statistics to portray a full picture of the health and social determinants of health in the BAMC service area.ÿ The findings from each assessment are utilized by BAMC to guide its community benefit initiatives and to engage partners to address the identified health needs.ÿ Through this process, the hospital is a stronger partner in the community and the health of those in the community will be improved.ÿ BAMC is committed to the people it serves and the communities they live in.ÿ Health communities lead to lower health care costs, robust community partnerships and an overall enhanced quality of life.

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