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Welcome to the Achieve Center, a pediatric therapy center in Wenatchee and Spokane, Washington. Our center provides pediatric speech, physical and occupational therapy to children with developmental disabilities and delays from infants through age 21.

At Achieve Center, our philosophy is simple: We believe every child has within them the capacity to improve. We are committed to helping each of our patients to succeed, with the goal of achieving their potential.

We can help with a wide range of challenges, from minor delays in speech or motor development, to severe disabilities like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Down's syndrome. Our experienced team has the expertise to help your child overcome the challenges that are keeping him or her from progressing.

We have more than 20 trained therapists on staff. They are highly skilled in the evaluation, assessment and treatment of a wide range of developmental disorders and concerns, including, but not limited to:


? Autism spectrum disorders

? Cerebral palsy

? Cognitive/linguistic skills

? Fine motor developmental concerns

? Genetic disorders

? Learning/reading difficulties

? Speech, language and hearing

? Swallowing/feeding difficulties

? And more

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